8 Leadership Styles

The interpersonal circumplex is the centrepiece of how we identify, measure, and change the full range of leadership interpersonal behaviours. There are eight leadership styles within four leadership quadrants. Unlike other leadership surveys, the CLS360 focuses on the full range of leadership behaviours and styles.


The CLS360 has two metamotives:

  1. The Agency or the ʻResults-Orientedʼ dimension positioned on the vertical or y-axis; and
  2. The Communion or ʻPeople-Orientedʼ dimension  positioned on the horizontal or x-axis.

Quadrants & Styles

The CLS360 has four leadership quadrants: Charismatic, Democratic, Avoiding, and Autocratic.

Traffic Lights

The colours green, amber, and red are used as a traffic light metaphor to communicate and reflect the research findings pertaining to the effectiveness of the styles and the results of the norm group.


The CLS360 identifies both the vector 'angle' and the vector 'length.'

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