Certification Overview

The Certification Program equips and educates professionals with the latest research, tools, and practices using the CLS360 Pty. Ltd. diagnostics.

Why do we Certify?

CLS360 Pty. Ltd. is committed to ensuring the highest ethical and professional use of its diagnostics and for this reason certifies professionals in the use of the diagnostics.

What is Certification?

The Certification Program trains professionals to understand, interpret, and debrief the CLS360 Pty. Ltd.  diagnostics.

Who is Certification for?

Certification is available to professionals who are either external consultants or internal consultants.

How to become Certified

The Certification Program certifies an individual in the use of the CLS360 Pty. Ltd. diagnostics. There are three components to the Certification Program.

2017 Certification Program Dates

The 2017 Certification Programs will be conducted in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

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