Introduced into Australia in 2013, the CLS360 Pty. Ltd. diagnostics have been used in a wide range of organisations including construction, financial and insurance services, health care, government, information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, and mining.

Australian clients include: BHPB, Emerald Planet, Adelaide Hills Council, District Council of Yankalilla, Aged and Community Services, DEWNR, Hyundai, and EML.


“You are both artisans with your tools and that enables you to make a difference. Your experience and passion shines through. Thank you for sharing your expertise and passion in delivering the leadership outcomes for our team. The response to this process has been positive in large part a reflection of the confidence the team placed in both of you to deliver the program. You took a great interest in partnering with us to achieve the desired outcomes, were flexible in building a program and deliver with a unique blend of respect and professionalism. The team took to your approach very well.”
Frank Volckmar, COO, Objective Corporation

“Quentin and Margherita presented a true gem to my leadership team – a rare mix of evidence-based material delivered in a highly nuanced and adaptive format that enabled a team transformation.”
Executive Director, Hospital Services

“The CLS360 program is all about leadership and influence. The ability to reflect on leadership behaviours through the CLS3600 feedback has given our people leaders a renewed sense of purpose and achieved a leadership culture shift. There has been a shift in the way our people leaders act and interact with each other with positive outcomes for our business. This is particularly true with our Future Leaders group where the impact of the CLS360 retest, as part of an overall Leadership Development program, has provided a powerful demonstration of influence and a willingness to step fully into the leadership role. The ongoing and consistent feedback about this program is – ‘powerful,’ ‘extremely beneficial to my role as a people leader,’ and ‘it’s simply one of the best programs we have ever run.’”
Mike Armour, Manager Learning & OD, Avant Mutual Group – Australia’s biggest medical defence organisation

“All members of our leadership team are talking about the CLS360. Everyone enjoyed it and learnt from it. A great success. It has 'buzzed' Yankalilla.”
Adrian Skull, Chief Executive, District Council of Yankalilla, South Australia. 

"I feel that you have given me a gift. I received what I consider world-class leadership development from people I feel personally attuned with. An extraordinary experience. 
Sometimes, to simply be heard is exquisite relief, and I believe for me, the feedback will form the platform and fuel to create positive changes." 
Neil Cunningham, General Manager, Emerald Planet Environmental 

“It was a very enjoyable and rewarding 2 days. The feedback is very positive. Your styles are perfect for this type of tool and in particular our people.” 
John O’Malley, Executive Director Client Services, Department of Environment Water & Natural Resources, South Australia 

“The CLS360 gives us a solid foundation for our leadership development program which focuses on establishing and role-modelling core leadership competencies. It clearly identifies strengths and opportunities to improve our individual behaviours through specific and insightful feedback. Our leaders all have the chance to confidently coach, influence and ultimately inspire their people.” 
Andrew Aitken, CEO, and Megan Sutherland, Manager HR, Adelaide Hills Council, South Australia.

"At the beginning of 2014, we launched a brand new talent program for seven of our Future Leaders. Core to this two-year program’s starting point was a strong focus on ‘deep leadership’ using a 360-degree tool/process. 
Given previous successful organisation cultural transformational programs run between myself, and Quentin Jones and Margherita Larné-Jones, I approached them about using the CLS360 tool for this purpose.
I felt that using the CLS360 would give our senior leaders from this program a baseline understanding of their leadership interpersonal behaviours, awareness of the impact(s) from and effectiveness of the same; with the intent to re-measure this.
The CLS360 was so successful that I made the decision to implement this tool across all leadership levels within the organisation starting with the senior management team, cascading to all levels of supervisory people leaders over the following two years.
The tool has been revolutionary for our leaders, enabling the organisation to truly start to transform its leadership capability bench strength and drive the achievement of the organisation’s 2020 Strategy."

Mrs Tracey Lane, General Manager Human Resources, AVANT

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