CLS360 Pty. Ltd. provides individual, leadership, team and organisation development consulting services expertly delivered by Quentin and Margherita or a highly qualified member of the Certified Consultants network. Through these consulting resources, we can provide a scalable range of development solutions for your organisation.

Developing Individuals

Interpersonal Behaviour—the Building Block of Relationships and Collaboration

Interpersonal behaviour is the behaviour and actions that are present in human relationships, and are crucial to an individual’s effectiveness. Individual development is about an organisation offering a structured development process to enhance self-awareness and learning to make conscious, informed choices on how to become more effective. 

Developing Leaders

Leadership is but an interpersonal endeavour.

Leadership, at its most fundamental, is an interpersonal interaction—how a leader behaves towards others, and the subsequent impact. Leadership development is about an organisation developing its leaders to lead that organisation by offering leaders a planned and structured development program to enhance leadership capability. 

Developing Teams

Get along to get ahead—collectively. 

Any successful team or organisation requires the dynamic management of the embedded tension between the two human metamotives of Agency (i.e., ‘getting ahead’) and Communion (i.e., ‘getting along').  When team members successfully manage the apparent paradoxical tension created by these opposing motivesthat of the individual (Agency) and group (Communion)the team and organisation thrive; they get along to get aheadcollectively. 

Developing Organisations

Organisational behaviour is a complex interaction between the individual and the context within which the behaviour happens. 

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