Research Team

Our commitment to research excellence and evidence-based organisation development is supported by a scientific committee made up of eminent researchers in Europe and Australia.

From the beginning, the development process for our diagnostics has been guided by a team of leading European and Australian leadership, interpersonal circumplex, and personality researchers.

Here are, in chronological order, the main contributors to our diagnostics.

Patrick Vermeren* 

Owner at PerCo, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Patrick is the primary instigator of the development of The Leadership Circumplex and the CLS360. He launched the hypothesis that leadership behaviour would form an interpersonal circumplex. He proposed a set of several hundred items and together with four colleagues finally produced 442 items to be tested on a circumplex structure by Danny Rouckhout. He is the president of the Belgian/Dutch not for profit organization ‘Evidence-based HRM.’ 

He is also the author of a number of books including:

  • 'De HR-ballon. 10 Populaire Praktijken Doorprikt' (The HR-balloon: 10 Popular Practices Punctured)
  • 'Rond Leiderschap. De Brug Tussen Wetenschap en Praktijk' (Around Leadership: Bridging the Scientist-Practitioner Gap; English version due for publication early 2014) 

Danny Rouckhout* 

Psychologist, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Antwerp, Belgium. 

Expertise in psychometrics, statistical analysis, and interpersonal behaviour. He co-authored with Rik Schacht the Dutch versions of the Interpersonal Adjectives Scales:

  • NIAS (Netherlands Interpersonal Adjectives Survey)
  • NIHS (Netherlands Interpersonal Behaviours Survey)   

Filip De Fruyt* 

Senior Full Professor of Differential Psychology and Personality Assessment at Ghent University in Belgium, Director of Studies of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Ghent University, and President-elect of the European Association of Personality Psychology (EAPP).

He has published over 120 research papers on different aspects of personality assessment, including leadership and career development, in a broad range of leading academic journals. 

Reinout E. de Vries* 

Associate Professor in the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Research interests in personality, leadership, communication styles, and intercultural relations. Teaches personality and personality research, personality and work, and structural equations modelling. 

Marleen Redeker*

Consultant at Berenschot, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Marleen’s doctorate at the University of Amsterdam made a major contribution to CLS360’s development, testing, and validation. She has a particular interest in leadership gender studies, which formed a part of her PhD. 

Mark Van Vugt 

Professor of Psychology, Department of Social and Organisational Psychology, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Research and teaching specialities in evolutionary social and organisational psychology. Expertise in evolutionary psychology and how it can be usefully applied to understand group dynamics, leadership and followership, status and power relations, altruism and cooperation, cohesion, and the relations between groups.

Astrid Homan

Assistant Professor in the Work and Organisational Psychology Department, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Research interests are group diversity and performance, diversity beliefs, leadership, and information elaboration.


We are delighted to have additional research support provided by our Australian adjunct research team member:

Patrick Dunlop

Lecturer in the School of Psychology, University of Western Australia.

Patrick’s expertise lies in the areas of personality and personality assessment, psychometrics, survey research design, and analysis of survey data. Patrick forms part of the Faculty at the School of Psychology, University of Western Australia and he teaches in the Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology program and supervises Honours, Masters, and PhD level research students.

For more information about Patrick Dunlop:


* Co-authors of the peer-reviewed A1 paper ‘Integrating leadership: The Leadership Circumplex.’

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