Our diagnostics have the interpersonal circumplex as the centrepiece of how we identify, measure, and change the full range of interpersonal behaviours.

Individual Diagnostics

Being aware of our interpersonal behaviour and understanding how it
impacts others is central to being effective. Identifying, measuring, and changing interpersonal behaviour provides clear markers on the journey to better individual contribution and teamwork. Our individual diagnostics measure the full range of interpersonal behaviours, providing insight into how an individual interacts with others.

Leadership Diagnostics

A leader’s unique role is to influence others—if a leader is not influencing they aren’t leading. And to influence others, in whatever role leaders find themselves, is to interact with others and this is expressed uniquely in a leader’s interpersonal behaviour. Our leadership diagnostics measure the full range of a leader’s interpersonal behaviour.

Team Diagnostics

Interpersonal behaviour by definition happens between individuals and within groups, teams, and organisations.  Other people’s behaviour, whether they are peers, managers, or direct reports, can have significant impact on an individual’s behaviour.

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