The New Edge in Leadership goes beyond simple measurement to provide the tools that will empower leaders to create measurable behaviour change linked to improved effectiveness.

Leadership – an Interpersonal Endeavour

Leadership by definition is not a solo activity. It requires the involvement of others—leaders only express leadership in relationship to others.  A leader’s unique role is to influence others—if a leader is not influencing they aren’t leading. And to influence others is to interact with others, and this is expressed uniquely in a leader’s interpersonal behaviour. 

The CLS360 measures leadership interpersonal behaviour.

The Circumplex Redefined

Since Timothy Leary's research group proposed the brilliant idea in the 1950s that all interpersonal variables can be plotted onto a circular graph, researchers across the world have been evolving his interpersonal circle, commonly known as the interpersonal circumplex (IPC).

8 Leadership Styles

The interpersonal circumplex is the centrepiece of how we identify, measure, and change the full range of leadership interpersonal behaviours. There are eight leadership styles within four leadership quadrants. Unlike other leadership surveys, the CLS360 focuses on the full range of leadership behaviours and styles.

Evidence Based

The CLS360 represents the most up-to-date European evidence-based research and academic thinking in leadership interpersonal behaviour and development.

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