CLS360 Pty. Ltd. is a new venture by two of Australia’s most experienced leadership and organisation development specialists, Quentin Jones and Margherita Larné-Jones. The company works with organisations to identify, measure, and change the full range of interpersonal behaviours, using evidence-based interpersonal circumplex diagnostics.


About CLS360 Pty. Ltd.

CLS360 Pty. Ltd. is committed to being "the new edge," providing tools to empower individuals, leaders, teams, and organisations to create measurable behaviour change. The CLS360 Pty. Ltd. team is excited about bringing to the market the most up-to-date, evidence-based research and academic thinking in organisation development.

Our People

Experienced leadership and organisation development specialists Quentin Jones and Margherita Larné-Jones head up the CLS360 Pty. Ltd. team.

Our Partners

We are excited to be working with Patrick Vermeren and Frank Rengelink, the developers of the CLS360 and the publishers of the CBS360, pioneers of evidence-based Individual and leadership development in Europe, and owners of a 25 year-old, successful Antwerp-based coaching company—PerCo.

Research Team

Our commitment to research excellence and evidence-based organisation development is supported by a scientific committee made up of eminent researchers in Europe and Australia.


Introduced into Australia in 2013, the CLS360 Pty. Ltd. diagnostics have been used in a wide range of organisations including construction, financial and insurance services, health care, government, information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, and mining.

Certified Consultants

Our business philosophy is ultimately one of leverage.

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