Quentin Jones – Managing Director

Over the past 20 years, Quentin Jones has pioneered the concept of leadership and culture and its links to business performance. His contribution as thought leader, consultant, educator, business and network builder has set Australia as a leader in this field.

In 1999, Quentin instigated and chaired the 1st Annual Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership as a national forum for culture research and practice. In 2010, the 12th Annual Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership attracted almost 3000 people to hear eminent researchers and Australia’s leading CEOs (AMP, CSC, Lion Nathan, and Rio Tinto) tell their transformational stories. In 2006, at these conferences, he also introduced the Australian Culture Transformation Award that recognises and celebrates Australian organisations that achieve cultural transformation.

Innovation and research are his passions. In 2006, Quentin co-authored a book with Emeritus Professor Dexter Dunphy, ;In Great Company—Unlocking the Secrets of Cultural Transformation,' a major research project that reported the keys to cultural transformation in some of Australia’s leading organisations. In 2011 this research was updated and republished to understand the challenges of sustaining culture change especially during economic crises. He also sponsored a Sydney University PhD supervised by Anthony Grant on the role of leader 'reflexivity' in transformation.

Quentin, in his capacity as consultant, has supported the transformation of both private (e.g., BHP, Lion Nathan, AMP, Rio Tinto) and public (e.g., DPI, RAN, Centrelink, CSIRO, Fairfield and Parramatta City Councils) organisations.

Quentin has also built a community of practice of over 1500 culture and leadership practitioners across Australia and into Asia.

As Managing Director of a leading diagnostics company, his leadership, business, and marketing acumen drove growth and delivered a compound annual growth rate of 22% consistently over a 15-year period.


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