We highly recommend these must have, must read books and other publications about circumplex models and instruments, as well as leadership research.

Leary, T. (1957). Interpersonal diagnosis of personality: A functional theory and methodology for personality evaluation. New York: Ronald.   

Horowitz, L.M., & Strack, S. (2011).  Handbook of interpersonal psychology. Theory, research, assessment and therapeutic interventions. New Jersey: Wiley. 

Vermeren, P. (2014).  Around leadership: Bridging the scientist-practitioner gap.  Melbourne: Around Publishing. (Dutch and French versions available; English in print, available early 2014). 

Wiggins, J.S. (2003). Paradigms of personality assessment. New York: Guilford.  

In addition, the links below will give you more options to explore.

Recommended Readings about Leadership Research


Research on Circumplex Models, Instruments, and Interpersonal Theory


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